Things You Never Wish To Get For Valentine’s Day

Several years ago I got a fancy invitation for Valentine’s Day.  I was so excited as I was opening the envelope, just imagining the endless romantic possibilities that could be inside!  A romantic dinner?  Wine tasting tour in a limo?  A spa day maybe????!!!!!!!!!!!  NOPE.  The invitation was for ME to cook a romantic dinner for HIM!  That was his gift to me.  Please understand that I would’ve been happy to cook a romantic dinner for him, but not as HIS gift to ME.  Obviously, there were no more Valentine;s days with him after that lovely incident.  Here’s a funny article from facebook users about worst gifts ever received for Valentine’s day.  click here

Please take our KGNC Instapoll and let us know the things you never wish to get for Valentine’s Day.  Thank you!

What Is The One Thing You Should Never Give On Valentine's Day?




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