The Thailand Boys Soccer Coach – Hero or In Trouble?

(Chiang Rai, Thailand) — The 12 soccer players and a coach who were trapped in a cave in Thailand for more than two weeks are free. Rescuers brought out the last four boys and their coach today. Thai Navy SEALs announced the news on Facebook. The post said the SEAL divers and a doctor who stayed with the team the past few days are working their way toward the mouth of the cave. President Trump also weighed in on social media, tweeting “On behalf of the United States, congratulations to the Thai Navy SEALs and all on the successful rescue of the 12 boys and their coach from the treacherous cave in Thailand.”

(From Metro News Service)

The Soccer coach may be hailed as a hero because all 12 of the boys survived after being trapped in the cave for over two weeks. He may be in big trouble with many of the parents and law enforcement for leading the boys into the cave in the first place. We want to know what you think……

The Thailand Boys Soccer Coach - Hero or In Trouble?

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