The Thai Boys Want Fried Chicken. What Would You Crave After Isolation?

A miracle has taken place, or maybe many miracles over the past several days. Of course you know by now that the players and coach from the Wild Boar soccer team have been rescued from a treacherous cave system in Thailand.   Certainly there are still very serious aspects of this story, including the Thai Navy Seal diver Petty Officer First Class Saman Gunan, who lost his life during the rescue mission.  His wife calls him, “the hero in my heart”.  And there are questions about the lingering psychological effects, if any, on the boys.

It’s not all sadness and worry though, with utter glee from the parents of the boys, to total strangers around the world.  And  deep appreciation for the rescuers involved.  There’s also a common thread of simple humanity we all relate to;  the boys crave fried chicken, and they will get it from KFC!  Doesn’t that make you smile?  After all that, they crave KFC.  They’re from a different country and culture and they speak a different language, but we share a commonality in an uncomplicated “want” for a favorite food.  And who can’t relate to craving fried chicken?  So let’s for a moment set aside the angst over what they’ve been through, and why it happened, and enjoy a bit of levity in thinking; “a bunch of boys from Thailand, stuck in dire straits for days in a dangerously flooded cave system, craved KFC”.  In the same same situation, would you crave KFC, or would it be another food?  Please take our KGNC Instapoll and let us know…..

Some of the suggestions: Pizza, Taco, Mexican Food (Chips & Salsa) and Chicken Fried Steak




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