The Rockin’ 25 Voters Know College Basketball

You may have heard me talk about the amazing voters for the Rockin’ 25 College basketball poll.

Their combined basketball intelligence puts any major network crew to shame. While some of you watch one or two games a week, the crew watches multiple teams and cover conferences like no other. Don’t believe me, see some of their work…

Erik Haslam

He doesn’t have a site with articles, but his site covers the analytical view of the NCAA’s like no other, looking at offense and defensive stats, record quality , team fingerprint as well as his All-Play ™ estimates, bracketology “deserves” and daily expected outcomes. Haslam runs his analytics website designed to offer team evaluation and predictive analysis for Division I college basketball. He also serves as an analytics consultant by contract for D-1 coaching staffs.

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Mychal Hunter

Owner/Editor/Founder of the ACC Basketball Report website and podcast. I am a frequent contributor to  and cover Georgia Tech Men’s Basketball. A lifelong ACC fan who also keeps tabs on the national landscape.

His latest article covers an inside look at covering a basketball game at Duke’s Cameron :

“It is 75 minutes before tip and the court yard is full of college students already, which is to be expected, but it is still different. Chapel Hill isn’t like that.

I get through security and am trying to play it cool, but I have absolutely zero idea where I am supposed to be. There is no seat, row, or information of any kind on the pass and it was the only thing in the envelope. I ask an usher where the media room is located and he points me to the opposite corner. I make my way through some cozy corridors and end up on media row. The Crazies are already there, in full force and they are standing IN media row. Not behind it, not close to it, the seats are pushed in and the Crazies are against the backs of the chairs.”

Read the entire article here :

Kevin Sweeney

Founder and lead writer for CBB Central (), a website devoted to covering all levels of Division 1 college basketball.

His latest article covers Depaul and their win over Providence.

“It had the feeling of a different type of DePaul team.

A team that had struggled with blowing leads throughout the season held on when they faced adversity.

A team that had been beaten up on the glass just last week by this same Providence team was the aggressor on the interior and dominated the rebounding margin.

“Their frontcourt just manhandled our frontcourt,” Providence head coach Ed Cooley said.”

Read the entire article here :

Lukas Harkins

Site Expert, writer, and Bracketologist for Busting Brackets. Currently a student at Butler University majoring in Healthcare and Business. Why dunk can you pull up for three?” Lukas looks at brackets like meat lovers look at t-bone steaks… with his mouth watering.

His latest article breaks down his power rankings.

“Although not many teams fell out of the NCAA basketball power rankings this week, there were a ton of shifts, most notably from Kentucky and Texas Tech.

Another week in NCAA basketball is complete and that means another edition of my top-25+ power rankings is here! Since I have posted this throughout the year, I feel like an introduction is not all that necessary so I will just jump right into it! (*Joker voice* “…and here. we. go.”)”

Read the entire article here :

Adam Glatczak

Adam writes for , one of the internet’s longest-running independent college basketball websites. A nerd for any and all levels of the sport since young, he has eight years experience writing for independent sites, including previously for . He also has been around the sport at the small college level for 12 years and in his day job is SID at Lakeland University, an NCAA Division III school in Wisconsin. Follow on Twitter @hoopvilleadam

Adam’s latest article dives into the Louisville / Virginia Tech game as well as Big 12 and Patriot league games:

“The last time Virginia Tech defeated Louisville on the hardwood was three conferences ago for both schools. Cardinals coach Chris Mack was a college player-in his sit out season after transferring within the old Midwestern Collegiate Conference (now Horizon League) from Evansville to Xavier. The Hokies were just one year removed from the career of VT legend (and legendary name) Bimbo Coles.”

Read the entire article here:

Eli Boettger

Lead basketball writer at Mountain West Wire. He’s covered Mountain West basketball since 2015 and his work has been featured on Bleacher Report, NBC Sports, SB Nation, Yahoo Sports, MSN, and other platforms. Boettger is a current USBWA member.

Eli’s latest article talks about UNLV:

“Is UNLV a contender or a pretender?

UNLV will be at the halfway point of its league schedule after its Saturday afternoon matchup at Utah State, and a lot of folks still have no idea if this team is a contender or pretender.

For me, I’m leaning towards the latter.

But with that being said, isn’t every team in the Mountain West not named Nevada also jumbled into the same category?”

Read the entire article here :

Check them out:

I’m a firm believer of finding people who are talented and telling people about them. You should be following these people online because they have the inside knowledge that you just can’t pick up from a box score or from thirty seconds of highlights.

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