The Pet Food Drive-Thru Pantry Provided Over 5400 vehicles with Pet Food

The City of Amarillo is announcing that the 12 day Pet Food Drive-Thru Pantry was a major success.

With the help from Hereford’s Merrick Pet Care who donated 17 tons of pet food, they were able to give food to 5,462 vehicles, with an average of 455 cars every Tuesday and Thursday.

“We are grateful to Merrick Pet Care for their extremely generous donation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Merrick’s generosity helped the citizens of Amarillo keep their pets during this trying time,” said Dr. Kati Wrubel, director of AAMW. “Merrick has been an amazing partner, and we are so lucky to have them in our community – giving back in spades.”

The 17 tons of pet food was valued at over $172,000.

“At Merrick, we believe that everyone can and should make a difference,” said Tim Simonds, CEO of Merrick Pet Care. “Thanks to our dedicated and hardworking team in our factories and distribution center in Hereford, we are able to continue to give back during this challenging time.”

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