The Amarillo Sod Poodles – What Do You Think About The Name Of The New Baseball Team?

The name Sod Poodles is the choice for the minor league team that will begin play in the new downtown ballpark in April of 2019.

The Amarillo Sod Poodles - What Do You Think About The Name Of The New Baseball Team?

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Tell Us Your Comments On The Sod Poodles Name

KGNC Listener Comments…..

Poodles..seriously? Yuck!

Drew great logos

I’ve never loved the idea of “Sod Poodles” for the name, but after seeing the logos, I think they did great. I’m all in on the Amarillo Sod Poodles.

Well, it’s different. I’ll give em that.

Stupid, just plain stupid!

Sorry  I won’t go to any of the games

It’s an embarrassing, made up name.

Can’t believe that’s the best they can come up with.

Jeff-don’t like it, haven’t found anyone that does like it. Sod Dogs isn’t good either but way better than Sod Poodles!

1. Nobody in amarillo wants a baseball team 2. “Sod poodles” is embarassing, and we will be the laughing stock of baseball… 3. All that money wasted on the mpev that could have went to sanitation issues or finishing up the constant construction…

Who came up with this name? I mean seriously. What’s it going to be, Poodle field? Good luck with that

Stupid name there has to be something more fitting

It’s all about marketing. Here in El Paso we have the Chihuahuas, silly name and logo, but one of the top merchandise sellers. At least they’re a AAA team. As for the Sod Poodles, just look passed the name because the AA level of play will be many times better than the Dillas ever were. -Martin.

Way to go! Sounds girly!

The most ridiculous name to give to a franchise that will fail after all the money the city commissioners wasted into their pockets

I will not support a team with that insulting name. They lost me.

 It’s beyond embarrassing. I feel sorry for the players. The rest of us can just stay home.

They aren’t serious, are they!

 I’m excited Let it go People. Stay home and complain. Get off my lawn.

Is a sod poodle another name for an armadillo? At least that’s what the pic kind of looks like.

How long has David Elmore lived in Amarillo? He said he believes Sod Poodles is what best represents Amarillo……

Not much for the name, but love all the graphics!

At least we aren’t unicorns

 I think the graphics can’t hide the horrible name, they can only make it look good.

Well if they win it’s gonna be funny as hell!!

Now that we are the laughing stock of minor league baseball, does this make us sad poodles?

 Kind of embarrassing

 I like it!!  hahahs its terrible

Looks better in pink!

I believe this is actualy worse than the El Paso “Chihuahuas.” Too politicaly correct for me.

People who are so negative about everything puzzle me. Can’t you get past your animus long enough to feel blessed that Amarillo has this wonderful opportunity, a beautiful new stadium and a great brand of baseball coming? Take your toys and go home if you want, I’m buying tickets. What fun!

Have you heard the song by Johnny Cash “My name is Sue”? We are either going to kick some serious butt or get kicked!

At first I thought it was a terrible name. Now that I know what a sod poodle is I like the name and think it is a perfect fit for Amarillo. Go Poodles!!

Do you think they will bring back the song “who let the poodles out”

For years I supported the Amarillo Dillas and even would take about 15 to 20 elderly people to watch a game every year but, for me, the name “Sod Poodles” is embarrassing and I do not plan on supporting it in any way. If I could find a way to NOT have my tax dollars go to this without leaving my home here in Amarillo, I would. You can butter it up any way you want and force us to have to pay for this with our tax dollars but, that is still not going to make me attend or support it.

Why not just say Prairie Dogs? I’ve never seen a prairie dog here. Better name is the Armadillos or Drifters. Something with the wind that is so prevalent here.

When the owners and whoever in their press conference tell everyone how much they love the city, it’s all about the city and then name the team something that the majority of the city doesn’t want…shows me that they don’t really care about the city at all.

Can’t wait for my pink team shirt and cap covered with glitter…girly kinda thing, but I also take tap dance. Gilbert





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