Students and Faculty From WT Searching For Flood Information

West Texas A&M faculty and students are traveling through the Texas panhandle to find people affected by, or who suffered from damaging floods. 

WT’s Dr. Erick Butler, Dr. Erik Crosman, and Dr. Nathan Howell will be traveling with students for the next six weeks to small communities to find interviews with residents who have experienced flooding issues. 

This is all part of an outreach study for the Texas Water Development Board, which is setting up Regional Flood Planning Groups along river basins. 

Of the 48 Contiguous states and the District of Columbia, Texas is number 1 in flood fatalities and the second-highest weather-related killer in the state is flooding after extreme heat. 

Anyone who can provide information about flood damage or has a need for flood aid can call Dr. Butler at 806-651-2271 or email him at [email protected].

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