Sounds That Make You Cringe

We can all agree that the sound of nails on a chalkboard or a knife scraping on a plate is horrible. Just thinking about them can make you cringe. But for some people, there are sounds that most of us wouldn’t even notice that are even worse for them than feedback on a microphone.

According to Reddit users, these are some of the sounds that most people aren’t bothered by but some people absolutely can’t stand:  the squeak of a clean glass in your hand,  the sound of someone eating a banana, teeth scraping on a fork, styrofoam squeaking, the sound of cotton balls when you roll them between your fingers, and a rake on pavement.

Please tell us the sounds that make you cringe in our KGNC Instapoll.  Thank you!

What Is That One Sound That Makes Your Cringe?

KGNC Listeners Say…………

Emergency test on tv and radio sounds like a wounded duck

Screaming Babies

Styrofoam squeaking (Alex)

I’m with Kelley, people that smack when eating. (Granny)



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