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Michael J. Stevens has over forty years of broadcast experience, and has been an Amarillo resident for nearly 30 years. In addition to broadcasting, 'MJ' has worked for the City of Amarillo, served as Sports Editor for the Pampa News, provided color commentary for everything from off-shore boat races, The Jacksonville Jaguars of the NFL, and The Pikes Peak Hill Climb in Colorado Springs. Some may recall his days as an Airbag on Classic Rock 95.7 The Kar. If so, chances are you are as old as he is! He got involved in Talk Radio while working for WOKV-AM in Jacksonville, Florida. “I am blessed to be back at KGNC doing something I absolutely love, and others seem to enjoy.” Making Sense with Michael J focuses on Amarillo and the Panhandle, whether it be politics, education, business, the economy or just life in general. He also allows for thought on national and global topics,

Making Sense w/ Michael J