Sexual Assault Sentence

A man has been sentenced to 24 years on child sexual abuse charges in Randall County.


A Randall County Jury found Carson Wilson guilty of sexual assault charges and indecency with a child.


The Randall County District Attorney says Wilson’s sentence is 16 years on the sexual assault and eight years on the indecency charge.


Wilson sexually assaulted and strangled a 15-year-old girl in 2021..


She reported it immediately to friends and family and then went to a hospital for a sexual assault exam.


During the trial, experts testified that Wilson’s DNA was found during the exam.


Wilson was found guilty in less than one hour of deliberations, and further evidence showed that he had a history of sexual relations with younger women and he also engaged in forceful behavior including strangulation.


Other evidence showed he had violated his bond restrictions regarding children.


In July of 2022, Wilson was arrested for Criminal Mischief And False Report to induce Emergency Response when he called Randall county officials about personal issue problem


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