Sanctuary For The Unborn- Closer  To  Voters Ballot

After a long process, the Sanctuary for the Unborn ordinance is closer to the voters.

From December 2023 to June of 2024, the issue has been hashed back and forth, petitions signed, and finally presented to the City Council yesterday.

“The hang-up will be in the language the Council uses, as the authority that will call the election, council does have some flexibility in that ballot language,” said Stephanie Coggins, Amarillo city secretary.

At the state level, the language must be one statement and only appear on the ballot once. However, with our local charter, there is some flexibility.

The next steps will be working with the council’s outside and internal legal counsel.

Once the election is called, both staff and council are limited to what they can say.

The mayor encourages residents to do their own research between now and November 5.

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