Rockin 25 Poll

Voted on 12/1/2021

16Ohio State
21Michigan St
22Seton Hall
24Colorado State
25Iowa State

Other receiving votes: 50 Wisconsin 43 Texas Tech 40 Auburn 26 St. Bonaventure 25LSU 15Iowa 14Indiana 6Xavier 5Marquette
4Florida St. 3Illinois 3San Francisco 1Loyola – Chicago

Meet the Voters:


Sean Dillon – Executive Producer / Director of the Rockin’ Pregame for KONE-FM Lubbock and 29 year radio veteran. Radio Guy, Founder Creator of the @BeyondtheMicpod cast available at Unapologetic Cleveland Browns Fan. Has been known to say things just to stir the pot. Find him on twitter @seanadillon

Rocketologists :

Erik Haslam – Proprietor of , an analytics website designed to offer team evaluation and predictive analysis for Division I college basketball. He also serves as an analytics consultant by contract for D-1 coaching staffs. You can find him on Twitter at .

Mychal Hunter – @ACCBR1 Owner/Founder of the ACC Basketball Report site/Podcast. College Basketball and NFL Betting Writer for Knup Solutions. Long Suffering Georgia Tech basketball fan.

Adam Glatczak – Small college columnist for Basketball Times magazine, a print monthly which has covered college basketball for more than 40 years. He previously wrote the past six years for independent website and in his day job is SID at Lakeland University, an NCAA Division III school in Wisconsin. Follow on Twitter @hoopvilleadamFollow on Twitter @hoopvilleadam

Connor Hope – is a contributor for Heat Check CBB and the co-host of the Hope & Rauf podcast. As a former hype man for the NCAA Refs’ Whistle Orchestra, Connor has been at the forefront of glorifying the high level foul calling that has found a place in the sport. You can find him and his random thoughts on Twitter: @CondorianFM

Kevin Sweeney – Founder and lead writer for CBB Central ( ), a website devoted to covering all levels of Division 1 college basketball. Kevin is a senior at Northwestern University who also hosts a pair of podcasts, the CBB Central Podcast with Brad Cavallaro and College Hoops Coast2Coast with Brian Burton. You can find him on Twitter @CBB_Central.

Jonathon Warriner –  Owner of, work featured at ACCBR and CBBTODAY. 2019 Third Place Bracketologist in Bracket Matrix. Also good for Bracketology and score updates during the College Basketball season.

Shelby Mast – has run BracketWAG for 16 years now and been with USA Today for 7. Married father of 3 and die hard college hoops fan since Bird-Magic! Member of the Super 10 Mock Committee in 2012 – sponsored by the NCAA and Turner Sports. Currently also writes a weekly column focusing on the Memphis Tigers tournament chances for The Daily Memphian. Previously wrote and did brackets for the Indianapolis Star. 9 years with Find him on Twitter @bracketwag

Sean Paul – Contributor for one half of the MakingTheMadness podcast alongside Jonathon Warriner. I cover every conference/school in the country but mostly am known for my mid-major coverage. Find him on Twitter at @Sean02MTM

Brian Rauf – is a college basketball writer and podcast host for His content has been featured by Sports Illustrated, Bleacher Report, and FanSided, among other publications. Rauf is also a current USBWA member and Rockin’ 25 voter. Find him on Twitter at @brauf33

Rocco Miller –  is a College Basketball enthusiast and analyst.  In addition to his duties as , Miller is a Strategic Account Director at DocuSign and watches college basketball religiously in the winter, leading up to March Madness. Find him on Twitter at @roccomiller8

New voters this year (Blame them when your team ranking sucks) :

Tony Patelis – I’m Tony Patelis. USC. I own you.

Tristan Freeman – Editor and lead writer of Busting Brackets, a college basketball blog part of the FanSided Network. A Pittsburgh native and hoops aficionado, I specialize in ACC, Big East, and mid-major content as well. Can find me on Twitter at @hoopsnut351 for all kinds of cbb takes.

Austin Massey – is a basketball Recruiting Analyst for 247Sports and Inside the Red Raiders with several years of basketball scouting and writing experience. Austin has a passion for basketball recruiting, relationship building, and writing about high school and college hoops. Austin brings a modern, analytical approach to his coverage and is a big fan of Kenpom and Haslam Metrics. Austin currently works full-time in the cyber security industry but will pivot into covering basketball full-time in the future.

Tobias Bass – is Texas Tech graduate that spent five years covering the NFL, NBA, College Basketball, and local sports. He is also a Fantasy Basketball Content Creator for NBC Sports Edge, College Basketball recruiting analyst and scout for The Field of 68 and NXT Pro Sports. follow him on Twitter @tobias_bass

The Rockin’ 25 will be released during the Red Raider Outfitter Rockin’ Pregame on 101.1 The Beard and on twitter @rockin25poll  in Lubbock during the College Basketball Season.