Really! Amarillo City Council Meetings at 7am?

Beginning in September,  the Amarillo City Council will be holding their weekly meeting at 7am on Tuesdays. The city says one reason they are moving the start time is because of the overtime they are being charged by employees who have to attend the meetings. Another reason sited was because some people cannot attend the meetings due to having to work in the afternoons. The early morning meetings will be on a three month trial basis.

What Do You Think About The Amarillo City Council Holding Meetings at 7am?


“Its just another reason for the council to disconnect themselves from the voters of Amarillo”

“Explain HOW employees will not get overtime by being present for a 7:00 AM meeting versus A 5:00 PM meeting”

“This mayor and the council doesn’t like having to answer for the failures of the administration, ranging from trash pickup, to the downtown fiasco”

“I think it is a way to avoid having to deal with Amarillo citizens. I doubt many people will be able to manage attending at that time”

“Hey people. Not everything is a conspiracy. Remember when the meetings were at 3? That was not under this mayor or council”



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