The Burn Ban for Randall County has been lifted effective Monday, May 5th.

There are still guidelines for outdoor burning that need to be followed.

Never burn electrical insulation, tires, treated lumber, heavy oils or asphalt materials and potentially explosive materials or chemicals.

To Do List

  • Notify the Randall County Sheriff’s Office (468-5751).
  • Notify the Randall County Fire Department (477-1750).
  • Burn only allowable trash (see “Never Burn” list below).
  • Make certain the winds are calm. 
  • Have a water source available.

Do Not

  • Create a traffic hazard: make sure that smoke does not blow across roads.
  • Burn after dark.
  • Burn anything that may create excessive smoke or toxic fumes such as tires, plastic, or shingles.
  • Burn trash or anything else from a business.
  • Cause a nuisance: make sure you do not smoke out your neighbors.
  • Leave the burn unattended.
  • Burn anything during a Burn Ban or Red Flag Warning.

Never Burn

  • Electrical Insulation
  • Tires
  • Treated lumber (such as construction or demolition waste)
  • Heavy oils or asphalt materials
  • Potential explosive materials or chemicals