Putting Haters In Their Rightful Place

It may be easy for your spouse to be complementary of your positive work news, but is it a good idea to share that news with coworkers? 

A study was done by Dr. Trevor Watkins, Assistant professor of management and foust professor of business at West Texas A&M University shows that, yes you should. 

Telling others about good news is beneficial, and was shown to increase mood and strengthen relationships between coworkers or spouses. 

Another portion of the study showed instances where sharing news was not a positive experience amongst coworkers, primarily if there is a sense of competition between them, due to progress being surpassed or out of reach of another employee.

These competitions would result in envy, belittling, criticizing, or exclusion between workers.

 He found that sharing your good news can be a workplace benefit, provided you consider the competitive nature of your peers.

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Dr. Trevor Watkins, assistant professor of management and Foust Professor of Business, joined
the Paul and Virginia Engler College of Business in 2019 after earning a Ph.D. in organizational
behavior from the University of Washington. He received an MBA degree and a B.S. in human
resource management from Utah State University in 2011 and 2008, respectively. Prior to
academia, Dr. Watkins spent seven years as a Human Resource Professional in the financial
services and manufacturing industries. He lives in Canyon with his wife and children.

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