PRPC Employee Pleads Guilty

A former employee of the Panhandle Regional Planning Committee has pleaded guilty in Amarillo Federal Court to stealing.

Josephine Mayorga allegedly confessed on Tuesday, November 9th, that while employed at PRPC, she stole 1,500-dollars in gift cards from the disaster Gift Card Program.

Court documents show the the PRPC is a political subdivision of the state of Texas handling plans like emergency preparedness, Water, and criminal justice.

Court documents show that Mayorga allegedly issued the gift cards under the Disaster Gift Card Program, forged acceptance letters and then used them for her own benefit

Court documents also show she embezzled 46 gift cards from the program with a value of 23-thousand-dollars.

The plea agreement details Mayorga could face ten years in jail and a fine of up to 250-thousand-dollars

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