President Trump Has Proposed Food Boxes To Replace Food Stamps. What Do You Think?

An item in the budget plan President Trump put forward February 12th that was getting attention is a proposal to replace about half of food stamp recipients’ monthly cash benefits with food box deliveries. The “America’s Harvest Box” would contain items like shelf-stable milk, juice, grains, cereals, pasta, peanut butter, beans, canned meat, poultry or fish, and canned fruits and vegetables. All the products will be home grown and raised.

The administration claims doing this would save nearly $130 billion over 10 years, improve the nutritional value of the program, and reduce the potential for fraud. But consumer advocates expressed concern that families wouldn’t know in advance, or have any choice about, what food they would get. They also were concerned about how families would get the boxes, saying it could be a problem if they had to be picked up because some families don’t have cars. (Story courtesy of Pulse of Radio)

President Trump Has Proposed To Replace Some Food Stamp Benefits With Food Box Deliveries, What Do You Think About That Idea?

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