Police Search For Male After Crash

The Amarillo Police Department is searching for a suspect that took off after crashing a pick-up.

911 Received a call at 9:54 am from a female who said someone was trying to run her over in the 1000 block of Almond Avenue. The caller then hung up and could not be contacted on callback. 

Officers were sent to the area and saw a white Ford F-150 that had a female in the passenger seat that appeared to be waving them down.

As police turned around the driver of the truck began driving erratically and running stop signs. 

The officers drove towards the vehicle but lost sight of it and as they approached northeast 15th Avenue and North Garfield Street, they saw that the vehicle had crashed into a metal pole.

The female passenger was in the vehicle suffering from non-life-threatening injuries and the male driver had fled the scene.

The woman was transported to a local hospital. 

Officials are investigating the crash scene and searching for the male suspect.

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