Phone Home! Do You Have A Landline Telephone?

I can remember growing up and the home phone was a pretty big deal.  Most houses had two rotary dial telephones, one in the hallway and the other was hanging on the wall in the kitchen. Then later on we got a phone in my parents bedroom . That is so they could plot holidays without us kids hearing the details. There were five of us kids and when the phone would ring there would be a mad race to see who could answer first. “Hello, Butler residence.” I answered the phone once like they did in those black and white gangster (not gangsta) movies and just said, “Yeah?” It was my Dad on the other end and he was not amused. I never did that again! I always wanted to have a phone like the pedestal on the Andy Griffith Show. We thought we were really big time when we got touch tone.   With the popularity of cell phones many people have gotten away from even having a home phone.  We still have a home phone but it is not wired to a landline. It is a cellular box that doubles as an answering machine and a corded phone is plugged in. I have the ringer turned off and just check it when I see the flashing indicator for a message. A recent online poll of 2,100 people done by TellWut found that 60% say that they still have a landline telephone. That sounds really high to me. What about you?

Do You Have A Landline Telephone?

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