Two people are behind bars after Drug Enforcement Administration agents and Amarillo police seized $1.8 million worth of methamphetamine on a Greyhound bus in Amarillo.

Last Saturday an officer at the station took his K9 Bongo to conduct an air search on a bus that was traveling through from Phoenix, Arizona to Kansas City, Missouri.

During the search, Bongo alerted on two silver suitcases.

One had seven football-shaped bundles of a crunchy substance inside and had a luggage tag with the name displayed.

The other contained 11 football-shaped bundles, wrapped the same way as the first with a luggage tag displaying the name.

The Amarillo officer then reached out to a DEA agent who arrived shortly to the incident.

Both officials rode the Greyhound bus to the next station, waiting to identify and confront the two suspects.

One male and a female were arrested and taken to the DEA office for questioning.

.After testing, the bundles came back positive as methamphetamine worth around $1.8 million.