Oh, The Humanity!!! Did We Accidentally Send SNIRT To Minnesota?

A friend’s father lives in Minnesota, and called over the weekend to say, “Hey, thanks for all of this SNIRT !!!”.  What on earth was my friend’s father talking about?  Remember the big dust storm last Wednesday?  SNIRT actually has a defintion, and it means snow turned brown by dirt.  Normally it applies to plowed snow which becomes dirty on the side of the road.  But not in this case!  SNIRT applies to the massive storm last week gobbling up our dust and mixing it into an 8 inch snowfall over the Twin Cities.  People looked in their backyards and saw fresh fallen LIGHT BROWN SNOW!  See full news story from Channel 9 in Minnesota

So, they’ve thanked us.  Not certain what to say.  You’re welcome?  Skor?  Happy SNIRTday!!!  And hopefully NOT MANY MORE!!




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