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NFL Divisional Round Pick ‘Ems

Was the first weekend of playoff action not wild enough for you?  Well then get ready, because this week should be just as crazy.

Here’s our picks for the NFL Divisional Round matchups.

Bengals vs. Titans

  • Picks:
    • Allen: Titans by 6
    • Carter: Titans by 10
    • Jake: Titans by 3

49ers vs. Packers

  • Picks:
    • Allen: Packers by 10
    • Carter: Packers by 17 
    • Jake: Packers by 13

Rams vs. Buccaneers

  • Picks:
    • Allen: Bucs by 3
    • Carter: Rams by 4
    • Jake: Rams by 3

Bills vs. Chiefs

  • Picks:
    • Allen: Chiefs by 10
    • Carter: Bills by 10
    • Jake: Bills by 2

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