New Schools In Dumas

They’re finally finishing with the last of three Dumas ISD elementary schools.

Dumas ISD, the City of Dumas, and the City of Cactus are working together to decide what they will do with the old buildings. One of the buildings will include a career tech center.

This over $100 million project has taken over five years and now Dumas ISD looks to the future of these new schools.

Monty Hysinger, superintendent at Dumas ISD, says they still don’t have a plan for all of the new schools in Cactus, that will be a board decision. There’s no hurry on that, but one of them in town, Sunset Elementary, will become part of the city and the city offices will be housed there.

Dumas North Elementary opened last school year, Cactus Elementary and Dumas South will be opening this fall, with students being allowed in on July 1.

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