New State Laws In Effect Sept 1st

New Texas state laws go into effect September 1st, and there are several new laws.

Seven hundred seventy laws were passed in 2023, and these were some of the major bills:

  • Allocating how the state’s budget will go to tax cuts, mental health access, border security, infrastructure for broadband and water.
  • Banning care for transsexual children to prevent transgender minors from getting hormone therapy, puberty blockers and transition surgeries.
  • Eliminating sales tax on diapers, wipes, and menstrual products, and expanding postpartum Medicaid, where new mothers in Texas will qualify for a year of Medicaid coverage after childbirth.
  • Anonymous newborn surrendering through baby boxes. This will allow people to give up newborn babies at safe places like EMS, fire, and police stations in their communities, without physically leaving the child with an on-site employee.

Other new laws will also go into effect. For a complete list, go online at capitol,


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