Moral Dilema; To Return Or Not Return

Here’s my moral dilemma, which actually would not be a dilemma if not for a prior circumstance. What? Let me explain. After getting home from the store late last week, I realized I had not been charged for 2 items totaling 7 dollars and 96 cents. I saved the receipt thinking as soon as I had time I would go back to the store and pay for the items. I’ve done this very thing many times. Ahhhhhh, but herein lies the caveat. At the same store a couple of weeks ago, while I was checking out, I realized the cashier waaaay undercharged me for 2 items. I brought this to her attention and tried to be very nice about it, but she became frustrated. She was having difficulty adjusting the price and had to call the manager to help. The cashier was very close to rude, and I think it was just because of her frustration. The sacker even said when we were walking out, “you tried to do something good, and she (the cashier) thought it was bad”. But then I started wondering if I got the cashier in trouble (since she had to ask a manager for help).

Hmmmmmm. Herein lies the dilemma. Because of that incident two weeks ago, I’m wondering if I should bring the new incident to the stores’ attention or not. Will I get someone in trouble? Will they be rude again? Should I just take my chances and tell them, or let it go?

If You Were Under Charged By A Clerk, What Would You Do?

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