Millennials are ditching lots of traditions, and that includes engagement rings with large diamonds. This is where the concept of “loaner rings” comes in. A new report from Vox says it’s becoming more popular for couples to choose stones are aren’t diamonds, or to use placeholder engagement rings. In the latter case, a jeweler allows the customer to place a deposit in the $50 to $200 range for a cubic zirconia alternative, so that couples have time to save up for the rock they want, or the ring wearer has time to make a decision on an ideal style. In 2018, Helzberg Diamonds released the “Will You?” ring, a $50 silver band engraved with the phrase, “This is a ring, not the ring.” Purchasing it guarantees the consumer a couple hundred dollars off a diamond engagement ring, whenever he or she is ready to get one. (Jezebel)

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