Meet Your New Sod Poodles Skipper!

Wow, the entertainment level of the new “skip” alone could be worth the price of a ticket!  Check out the video above of the Sod Poodles’ new manager Phil Wellman.  Holy Moley!  In fairness, the man knows his baseball.  He was the 2017 Texas League Manager of the Year, and he lead the 2018 Missions to their first Championship series appearance since taking the league title in 2013.  We want to know your opinion.  Please take our KGNC Instapoll and let us know what you think.  Thank you!

Some of the comments our KGNC listeners are making……..

WOW – guess he just found out the name of the team he would be managing – Jeanie Via Facebook

Baseball in Amarillo won’t be boring for sure – Julie Via Facebook

Disgusting! – Gwen

Looks like he’s channeling a bit of Lou Piniella. Love seeing managers stand up for their players! -Joe

If he does this outside of the diamond, yikes! But inside…funny. – Anonymous



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