Mayor Nelson Talks Retail, Taxes And A New Flight

Amarillo Mayor Ginger Nelson made her monthly visit to NewsDay Amarillo with Tim & Kelli on Tuesday morning. The Mayor answered talked about many subjects and also took a couple of questions from Amarillo residents. Click the audio files below to listen to the interview.

In segment 1 – Mayor Nelson talked about the State of Retail and Small Business Seminar that took place Tuesday.

Segment 2 – We talked about the city website where you can watch progress on the building of the MPEV and Mayor Nelson gives an explanation on the HOT tax. She also answers a listener question about taxes.

Segment 3 – Mayor Nelson answers a listener question about a fake City of Amarillo social media site

Segment 4 – We talk about Amarillo Baseball

Click here for more information on the City of Amarillo



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