Man facing federal charges after DPS finds $1.1 million worth of drugs

A man is facing federal charges after DPS found around $1.1 million worth of drugs during a traffic stop in Oldham County.

On October. 21, at around 1:43 p.m., a DPS trooper saw a silver Honda Accord traveling east on I-40, driving on the left lane and not passing, according to criminal complaint,

The trooper conducted a traffic stop and identified the driver as William Jay Holcombe.

While talking to Holcombe, the trooper smelt marijuana coming from the Honda and asked Holcombe to take a seat in his patrol unit to search his car.

When Holcombe said he had marijuana in his backpack, the trooper found a green backpack that had a green Zip lock bag containing marijuana and five other containers with suspected marijuana.

The trooper continued his search and noticed the carpet under the floor board were altered and found a hidden compartment under the passenger seat.

The trooper drove the driver in his patrol unit, bringing the Honda to the sheriff’s office and later found six brick shaped bundles of cocaine wrapped in tan tape and plastic wrap.

Holcombe said he was sent to Los Angeles by plane that was purchased by Frank, to pick up the Honda and deliver the drugs to Washington DC.

According to street estimates, the drugs are worth $1.1 million.

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