A Malfunctioning Kansas ATM Gave Out $100 Bills Instead Of $5 Bills. A Woman Withdrew $11,600, Should She Have To Pay It Back?

A Kansas woman is being sued by Wichita’s Central National Bank after it claims she made dozens of withdrawals from a malfunctioning ATM that was dispensing $100 bills instead of $5 bills. Christina Ochoa reportedly made more than 50 withdrawals over five days in January, several of them in the middle of the night. The bank now wants her to pay back $11,607.36 plus interest, and is also trying to seize two cars she bought while the ATM was malfunctioning, alleging the $3,000 down payment for one of them was paid entirely in $100 bills. But Ochoa and her mother Christy, who’s also named in the suit since she drove her daughter to the bank, say they did nothing wrong. They claim that Ochoa never got larger bills, saying their receipts prove that, and that she made dozens of transactions in a short period of time because she wanted enough $5 bills to make a “money cake” as a gift for someone. (Fox News)

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