Local AgriLife Officials Work to Save Rocky Mountain National Park

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension and Research Center Director, Dr. Brent Auvermann, had big news to share with our KGNC Ag News hour listeners as their researchers have been asked to assist Rocky Mountain National Park in reducing Sulfur and Nitrogen deposits within the Park.

Dr. Auvermann says Agricultural production surrounding the National Park puts Sulfur and Nitrogen in the air, which is then deposited into the Park when it rains. Those deposits, over time, grow and can be detrimental to the ecosystem. The good news in all of this is that Texas A&M AgriLife, along with USDA’s Agricultural Research Service in Bushland, have been working on reducing those emissions in the Texas Panhandle for years, which made them the perfect fit in assisting the National Park system.

Listen as Dr. Auvermann explains how AgriLife will build on that prior research to help save Rocky Mountain National Park.

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