Weather Alert

Lightning Safety During National Safety Month

Heavy clouds bringing thunder, lightnings and storm.

This is National Safety Month. Dr. Erik Crosman ,Professor of Environmental Science at West Texas A&M University has some Do’s and Don’ts if you’re caught in a lightning storm.

If you’re outside, seek refuge in a car or building, avoid tall objects like trees, get off of high ground, like mountains or hills.

If you’re in a pool or lake get out of there , quick. and if you’re indoors avoid plumbing including sinks, baths, or faucets.

Now here is what not to do if you’re caught in a lightning storm.

If you are outside, don’t use a cliff or overhang for shelter, don’t get under an isolated trees.

If you’re inside, don’t take a bath or shower, don’t wash dishes, don’t use landline phones, turn on the T.V’s or any electrical appliance and stay away from doors and windows

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