Let’s Try Again! What Would You Name The Amarillo Baseball Team?

The negative backlash over the proposed finalist names for the new Amarillo Baseball Team has been overwhelming. Social media and news outlets went crazy Wednesday afternoon when the new names were released by the Amarillo Professional Baseball group. The names and explanation  of the names(that should have been a tip- off right there that they were going to be bad) were published in a news release from Shane Phillips, Director of Public Relations. Out of 3,000 entries the club said these five were the best:

List of Finalists in Alphabetical Order:
Amarillo Boot Scooters
The Boot Scooters combines Amarillo’s genuine welcoming attitude with its fun western heritage.
Amarillo Bronc Busters
Amarillo has deep cowboy roots and the Bronc Busters honors the community’s resilient, independent spirit.
Amarillo Jerky
Commemorating its famous cattle drive, there’s only one region that can lay claim to the “Beef Capital of the World.”
Amarillo Long Haulers
Long Haulers celebrates Amarillo’s famous Route 66, open roads, wind-bent trees, and the fun of Minor League Baseball.
Amarillo Sod Poodles
A pioneer’s nickname for “Prairie Dogs,” this fun-loving local animal is very aggressive in protecting its family and home.

Just remember that according to their contest rules, five people in our area submitted these names. After the negative comments, social media posts and memes those five people might want to remain anonymous. These five names are all “fowl balls” for the prospects of professional baseball being successful in downtown Amarillo. We even got one Facebook comment saying that they should stop building the MPEV (baseball stadium) immediately if that is the best APB can come up with. We don’t even want to put a link on our webpage for you to go vote for any of those names. Maybe they will re-think these proposed names and start over? If they did…….

What Would You Name The Amarillo Baseball Team?

Some of the names our NewsDay Amarillo listeners have submitted: Dirt Dogs, Sliders, Anythingelses, Tornadoes, Lovebirds, Route 66ers, Bomb City Warheads, Amarillo Convicts, Windsocks, Atoms, Osprey, Mustangs, Carp, Nukes, Rampage, Panhandlers, Dusters, Yellow Jackets, Plainsmen, Warriors, Dillas, Caballero Bombers, Gold Sox, Atomic Osprey, Wildfire, Warriors, Sky Hawks, Minters, Stars, Sluggers, Stampede, Birds, Drovers, Hitchhikers, Cattlemen, Yeller Fellers, Dust Devils, And Wind Sox



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