League of Women Voters of Texas Sue Gov. Abbott Over Ballot Box Restrictions

The League of Women Voters of Texas is making it known they are not ok with Governor Abbott’s decision to Restrict Ballot Boxes with a lawsuit.

On Thursday October 1st, Governor Greg Abbott announced that each of Texas’s 254 counties can only have one absentee drop off location, regardless of geographic size or population.  

League President For Amarillo Sonya Letson.

In larger counties like Harris County, home to Houston and 4.7 million residents, there were 12 drop off locations spread out over roughly 1,700 square miles and with Abbott’s order 11 of those locations will now disappear. 

President of the League of Women Voters of Texas Grace Chimene said “In a presidential election year with massive voter interest during a deadly pandemic, Texas should be focused on expanding safe voting options this year. But instead of protecting our most vulnerable voters—those with disabilities and those 65 and over—and ensuring their safe access to the ballot, our state has erected higher barriers for voters. It’s shameful.”

Click here to learn more about the lawsuit.

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