League of Women Voters Announces New Board Members

The Amarillo League of Women Voters has announced its newest board members.

The organization has welcomed new co-Presidents: Michelle Hoggatt, a retired educator, and Jenny Inzerillo, the Music Director at High Plains Public Radio.

Along with them they also welcomed Kyla Bowles as Secretary, Brenda Tullar as Treasurer, Delores Thompson as Co-Director of Membership, Kathy Thomas as Director of Voter Registration, Marilyn Dent as Co-Director of Voters Guide, and finally Jackie Payne as Director of Online Communication.

The organization will be participating in multiple events in the coming weeks and months, including the Amarillo Community Market on July 29th and the annual Tri-State Fair Parade on September 16th.

For more information on the hirings or their upcoming events, visit their website.

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