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Late MLB Kickoff Can’t Keep Hot Dog Sales Down

Photo: AlphaMedia USA

Thank you to the National Association of Farm Braodcasting, and member Chad Smith, for facilitating this interview/audio.


Baseball and hot dogs go hand-in-hand when we think of summer. Of course, this summer is a little different. The last-minute start of the baseball season would typically be welcome news for the hot dog industry. Eric Mittenthal, President of the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, says hot dogs have actually been a staple product for a lot of Americans during the coronavirus pandemic, but it’s still great to have baseball back in our lives.

He says despite baseball season getting off to a late start, it hasn’t affected hot dog sales.

And when it comes to hot dogs at ballparks, Mittenthal says they’ve gotten really creative in how they serve this faithful stand-by.

Mittenthal encourages fans to be creative with their hot dogs this summer. However, if they want to keep up with some of the more creative hot dogs on ballpark menus, it’s going to take some work.






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