A judge in the Timothy Dean a double murder in Sodus, New York has ruled that statements made by the defendant can’t be used at trial.

Dean the former Sunray Police Chief is accused of shooting and killing Joshua Niles and Amber Washburn on Carlton Street last year.

In a hearing in March, attorneys reviewed video of interviews of Dean by Texas Rangers, the FBI and Wayne County Sheriff’s Office.

During the interviews, Dean didn’t admit to the murders, but his attorney said he made statements that weren’t voluntary. Dean’s defense argued the video shouldn’t be allowed at trial because Dean was never read his rights.

The judge agreed, ruling the evidence as inadmissible for trial. However, statements Dean made to Kansas deputies will be allowed.

Charlene Childers, Dean’s wife, accepted a plea deal last week to charges of manslaughter in the case. Deputies say a custody dispute between Childers and Niles, her ex-boyfriend, led to the murders.

Dean remains in Wayne County Jail and his trial is expected to start in May.