If you missed The Chat on Newsday Amarillo and News Channel 10too this morning, Alex Fairly and Jerry Hodge of the Inspire Amarillo PAC presented their ideas for a new Amarillo Civic Center, known as ‘The Amarillo Plan’.

Back in November the hot topic locally was the push for a new civic center under Prop A. It was voted down by a large margin, but the need for an updated civic center still remains. Fairly and Hodge believe we can achieve a balance that will make our city happy, but it will have to be at a lower cost than what was initially proposed.

Topics include: Total cost of ‘The Amarillo Plan’, tax rate increases for city residents, timeline of completion, who would pay/maintain for the new civic center and more.

What are your thoughts on this new plan for a Civic Center? Should it be put on the upcoming 2021 May ballot?

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