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Inspire Amarillo PAC Presents New Ideas for Amarillo Civic Center

If you missed The Chat on Newsday Amarillo and News Channel 10too this morning, Alex Fairly and Jerry Hodge of the Inspire Amarillo PAC presented their ideas for a new Amarillo Civic Center, known as ‘The Amarillo Plan’.

Back in November the hot topic locally was the push for a new civic center under Prop A. It was voted down by a large margin, but the need for an updated civic center still remains. Fairly and Hodge believe we can achieve a balance that will make our city happy, but it will have to be at a lower cost than what was initially proposed.

Topics include: Total cost of ‘The Amarillo Plan’, tax rate increases for city residents, timeline of completion, who would pay/maintain for the new civic center and more.

What are your thoughts on this new plan for a Civic Center? Should it be put on the upcoming 2021 May ballot?

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