If You Could Cheat On Your Taxes Without Getting Caught, Would You? (INSTAPOLL BELOW)

Yuck.  That’s what many of us think about tax time.  We dread it every year, and most certainly if we have to pay.  Many believe that most people cheat at least a little on their taxes.  Others think the government takes too much out.  That seems like a recipe for a self license to cheat.  Maybe not.  A Credit Karma survey from last year found that Americans are more likely to cheat on diets, tests and significant others than on taxes.

“In fact, only about 6 percent of survey respondents said they have knowingly cheated on their income taxes. Which means that the majority, roughly 94 percent, said they’ve never knowingly cheated.” Credit Karma

There’s a big “however”, though.  Credit Karma also believes the numbers may be higher than the survey says because cheaters will lie about cheating.  Here’s the full survey and report.

We think there’s a  more interesting question than “have you ever cheated on your taxes”.  Please take our KGNC Instapoll and let us know what you would do if you knew you could cheat on your taxes without getting caught.  Remember, our online polls are ANONYMOUS, so please give your honest answer.  You can also call us Monday morning between 6 and 9 and tell us what you think, but that’s not so anonymous.  806 350 0710.  Thank you!

P.S. please see the video above for a man on the street about tax cheating from Michael Rozbruch of  Michael Rozbruch’s Tax and Business Solutions Academy.

If you could cheat on your taxes without getting caught, would you?

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