Hutchinson County Officials investigating a False Report Tied to “Swatting” Trend

Hutchinson County officials are investigating an incident involving a false alarm related to a social media trend called “swatting”.

At 4:41am on June 23rd Borger dispatch received a call saying a man had shot and killed his mother while high on PCP, leading to officers from the Borger Police Department, Hutchinson County Sheriff’s Office and Fritch Police Department being deployed, as well as SWAT personnel from Hutchinson county.

When officers arrived on scene they discovered that no shooting had occurred, and after digging deeper found that the call was connected to a match of the video game “Fortnite”.

The player was able to access the victim’s IP address and see where he lived, which then led to the false phone call.

Law enforcement is still investigating but has said there is no threat at this time.

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