How Often Do You Change Your Pillow?

For several months on NewsDay Amarillo, I have talked about the benefits of sleeping on a My Pillow. Let me go back a couple of months here. When I was asked last year to do product endorsements on the radio, I was a little bit reluctant because I didn’t know anything about My Pillow except what I had seen on TV. You’ve seen the commercials with Mike Lindell talking about how he invented the My Pillow. I really believe in it now. I have received phone calls from KGNC listeners that said they also enjoy sleeping on a My Pillow. I just wonder how many people are not getting the proper sleep. Could that old, flat, stained pillow be one of the reasons? I know that before sleeping on a My Pillow, I probably did not change my pillow out but every couple of years. Yeah, I know that may sound gross to some people.  The My Pillow is completely machine washable and dryable.  I actually used to sleep with two foam pillows under my head. No need to do that anymore with the My Pillow. So I got to wondering how many people probably need to change out their pillow to get a good night’s sleep?

How Often Do You Change Out Your Pillow?

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