Homeless Heroes Fundraiser

The project Hatch Home For Heroes is getting its fundraising efforts escalated by the Homeless Heroes organization.

The Homeless Heroes is trying to raise $565-Thousand to make its closing date deadline on the Astro Motel by mid-May. As it stands right now, they’ve raised half of that total.

The circa 1950’s motel will be refurbished from 20 units into a 12 to 15, one room, one-bath, HUD-compliant community for homeless veterans.

The property is just across the street from the Amarillov Veterans Administration Hospital, and will also offer services like counseling, as well as health and beauty needs like haircuts and hairdressers to make them ready for job interviews.

Homeless Heroes hopes to secure the funding for the project this weekend, with a drive-in fundraiser where you can drive through the existing property and see it’s potential.  Donation buckets will also be set up.

The fundraising event will begin at 7 a.m. and last throughout the day and will be held at the Astro Motel at 5703 W Amarillo Boulevard.

You can also donate online at zeffy.com.

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