Hereford School Cafeteria Walk-Outs

Three Hereford ISD schools are experiencing ‘walk outs’ from cafeteria employees.

The three schools who are impacted were the West Central Elementary, Hereford High, and Hereford Junior High.

The Walkout cxenters around an employee bonus that did not include other cafeteria workers, and the schools administration says it was forced to make a decision in order for students not to go hungry at lunch time.

Hereford schools explains one of the reasons for the absences was the concern over a Fall Retention Stipend received from Federal ESSR Funds. The Hereford schools work with an individual food service thats in compliance at state and federal levels, and food service staff returned to work this week.

A school board meeting was held Monday night where board members discussed the matter.

The boards final decision on whether or not the cafeteria workers will receive a bonus has not been released at this time.

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