Heal The City Set to Welcome First Full-Time Physician

Heal the City is getting ready to welcome its first full-time physician.

The future full-time Dr. Trey Bowen is originally from Amarillo.

While in college, he went on a medical mission trip and met the founder of Heal the City, Dr. Alan Keister.

With the Amarillo native returning to the Panhandle to work full-time, the nonprofit and its patients will receive many benefits.

With over 700 patients that call Heal the City their medical home, the extensive growth and complications of patients caused the nonprofit to need additional permanent help.

The organization says they will be able to see more patients faster with Dr. Bowen being in-house full-time.

Heal the City is raising money for Dr. Bowen’s salary, and they have seen incredible generosity from the community so far.

Doctor Bowen is expected to start in July.

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