Has It Been Long Enough?

The Dixie Chicks are releasing their 5th studio album, “Gaslighter,” in 2020. They’ve released the first single off that album, which is also titled “Gaslighter.” This album comes after the group has taken a 14 year break from music. Back in 2003, lead singer Natalie Maines made political comments that did not sit well with the band’s listeners, saying that they wished President Bush was not from the state of Texas. That lead to the Chicks being exiled from mainstream country radio and all but ended their grammy winning careers…

And this announcement made me think about how people really did stop listening to the Dixie Chicks due to their political comments – now that it’s been 14 years, Would you listen to the Dixie Chicks now??? When should we move on from those comments?

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