An employee of Hart ISD has been put on paid administrative leave, due to an investigation into a potential relationship with a student.

An employee may have solicited or engaged in an inappropriate relationship with a student after the Hart ISD Administration received recent information.  The information was also reported to Child Protection Services as well as the Castro County Sheriff’s Office.

As the employee is on paid leave, an internal investigation is underway.

The full statement released by the Hart ISD Superintendent David Cox:

“Recently, the Hart ISD Administration received information that a Hart ISD employee may have solicited and/or engaged in an inappropriate relationship with a District student. Pursuant to the District’s customary personnel practices, the District initiated an internal investigation into the allegations of misconduct. After learning the identity of the employee who is the subject of the allegations, the District placed the individual on paid administrative leave pending the results of the investigation. The allegations of educator misconduct were reported to the Castro County Sheriff’s Office and Child Protective Services according to District policy and practice.”