Hail Yes? We Need Rain!

We are getting pretty desperate around the Texas Panhandle and South Plains for rain. We are now going on six months with no consistent rain in our area. We had a little bit of snow that didn’t even measure one one-hundredth on December 31st. The national weather service got about a quarter of an inch the other day. But basically we have had nothing. Because of the lack of moisture, the fire danger is extremely high. We are not at this point getting any moisture moving into the region from our normal spring sources. In a normal year we would see the dry line setting up over in western Oklahoma and then migrate for several weeks back into eastern New Mexico. That moist air sometimes comes in from the Gulf of Mexico. This is not taking place this spring. The La Nina has kept us under high pressure for the last six months and steers the moisture away. What do we need to do to get our normal spring rains? How about if we bring back an outdoor festival like Funfest? It would take several inches at this point to be a “drought buster.” Kelli and I wondered if you would be willing to trade something not-so-good to get some beneficial rain? As I started out saying, we are pretty desperate for rain.

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