Governor Abbott Announces His School Safety Program

In a news conference at the Dallas Independent School District headquarters Wednesday morning,  Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced his proposal to make Texas schools safer.  After holding three round-table meetings with law makers, law enforcement and victims of the Santa Fe shooting the Governor issued the 40 page proposal  called the “Governor’s School and Firearm Safety Plan.” The proposal will include over $120-million in spending to help schools prevent shootings in the future. The state of Texas will offer matching grants of up to $10,000 per campus in enhance safety.

The recommendations are as follows:

Recommendation: Schools should collaborate with local law enforcement to heighten police presence on school campuses.

Recommendation: Prioritize hiring retired peace officers – specifically police, sheriffs, and constables – and military veterans for school security.

Recommendation: Increase the number of school marshals by funding training this summer.

Recommendation: Increase the number of school marshals that can be appointed per school.

Recommendation: Remove the firearm storage requirement for school marshals who are in direct contact with students.

Recommendation: Revamp marshal training requirements to focus more time on firearms training.

Recommendation: Require annual refresher courses to maintain school marshal skills.

Recommendation: Protect students and teachers by better preparing campus security to respond to active shooters.

Recommendation: The Texas School Safety Center will deliver a workshop-based course that allows for handson application of high-quality planning practices.

Recommendation: The Texas School Safety Center will partner with the I Love U Guys Foundation to provide training in the Standard Response Protocol and the Standard Reunification Method for school personnel

Recommendation: Improve the infrastructure and design of Texas schools to reduce security threats.

Recommendation: To enhance school safety and ensure additional behavioral health services are available to students on-campus, expand access to Texas Tech Health Sciences Center’s Telemedicine Wellness Intervention Triage & Referral (TWITR) Project.

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