Ginger Nelson Wants To Continue Being Voice For ALL Citizens

In her bid to win reelection as mayor of Amarillo Ginger Nelson goes back to touch on a key factor that won her the job in 2017, being the voice of the people.

Nelson says that what drives her is the need to hear the opinions, perspectives, and concerns of the citizens to push issues and city resources to come up with positive solutions.

Nelson promised a safer city in her first run for mayor of Amarillo.

Some are challenging that promise by saying that Mayor Nelson and the current council have slashed the budgets of the Amarillo Police and Fire Departments.

The Mayor set the record straight.


Nelson also touted the 10.3 million dollars to improve the North Heights, San Jacinto and Barrio neighborhoods and continued growth in the city’s economy with the push for the Texas Tech Vet School and the expansion of Maxor Pharmacy as a solid reason to earn your vote.

She faces two challengers in the May 5th municipal election.


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