Gas Spill at S. Coulter Toot N Totum
At the gas station.

It’s your worst nightmare…driving off from the gas pump with the nozzle still in your tank.

Amarillo fire crews say that’s just what happened at the Toot n Totum at 3201 South Coulter, Thursday when a driver forgot to pull the hose from his car. The incident happened at 6;22 p.m.

The car ripped the hose from the pump causing fuel to spill out.

A store clerk hit the emergency shutoff, and about 20 minutes later AFD declared a level2 Hazmat.

The gasoline spill was blocked and absorbent was put down by firefighters to stop a runoff.

Roughly 40 gallons of fuel spilled out and the Office of Emergency Management and the Epa were contacted


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